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Welcome to the Newport Brass Design Center. Here we will share the latest trends in kitchen and bath design, help you get ready for your next design process and give you a chance to share your beautiful designs with the world.


Envisioning your next design project? Whether it's designing bathrooms or kitchens for homes or hotels, click here to explore the latest trends in elegant simplicity, all the way to ultimate luxury.

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Want the latest trends in kitchen and bath design? Click here to read about trends and get the latest how to's on getting prepared for your next design project. Whether you're designing a new bathroom or kitchen for your home or fifty new bathrooms for a trendy new hotel, this is where you'll find the tips you need.

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Looking for that perfect style? Not sure which direction you want to go? Get the lowdown on choosing colors and styles and finding that perfect finishing touch for your kitchen and bath design projects.

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