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Flawless Beauty

Newport Brass is committed to flawless beauty. This is what differentiates it from other brands. Flawless beauty is achieved when all the essential design and manufacturing fundamentals can be found in one product. For Newport Brass this means attention to details beyond the aesthetic. In addition to creating a stylish product, Newport Brass is committed to bringing together the elements that result in a customer experience that is completely enjoyable and satisfying. Newport product quality is second to none. Spouts, handles, escutcheons, and trim pieces are constructed from solid brass and are crafted and engineered to exacting standards. Ceramic disk valve systems are 100% pressure tested and utilize precision screw machine components eliminating the possibility of pinhole leaks. Parts are inspected closely during each phase of the production process to ensure that our products adhere to the strictest manufacturing standards. Prior to shipment, every faucet is water tested and hand polished ensuring that the product received at the job site is installation ready. Our unique Direct Connect hose system eliminates the standard wet T found on most faucets and provides for leak-free easy installation. Finally, our on-time fulfillment rate consistently exceeds 95% so you can be confident that product will be delivered per your turnaround requirements.

Thoughtful Designs

Newport Brass creates timeless designs for traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles. Complete product suites are available across 4 product categories: Bath, Tub & Shower, Kitchen, and Accessories. The clean designs of the Newport Brass products have no visible set screws on handles or trim plates. Newport Brass products have been designed through a study of ergonomics and functionality. Attention is given to elements such as installation preferences, handle size and grip, and the functionality of bath accessories.

Handcrafted Quality

Solid brass construction is the hallmark of Newport Brass products. Each faucet is hand polished and quality inspected, and each is water tested prior to shipment. Drip-free ceramic valves and a Direct Connect hose system enhance the performance of the Newport Brass products and provide for leak-free, easy installation.

Luxurious Water Flow

Newport Brass employs Laminar Technology for clear, smooth, luxurious water flow. The multifunctional hand showers and shower heads feature air induced and water blending technology that creates larger water drops that give the sensation of greater water volume, creating the ultimate showering experience while conserving water.

Reliable and Durable

Durability comes from the solid brass construction of Newport Brass products. An impressive 90% — 98% of customers report being extremely/very satisfied with their Newport Brass purchases. This is achieved by continuously soliciting customer feedback and a commitment to making improvement to products.