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Glossary of Technical Terms

  • Adapters — A fitting that joins two different size connections together.
  • Aerator — A device located in the faucet spout that mixes air with water. It is made by using a restrictor that limits the flow of water while increasing water pressure.
  • Angle Valve — The shutoff valve between the water pipes and the faucet. The inlet connects to the water supply pipe in the wall and it angles up 90 degrees to the faucet.
  • Anti-Scald — A method by which a valve monitors the water temperature coming out of the valve to minimize the risk of scalding.
  • Balanced Pressure Valves — These valves are designed to compensate for changes in water pressure, thus keeping the temperature constant.
  • Bidet — A hygiene fixture with hot and cold water supply for personal cleanliness.
  • Body Spray — This is a mini-showerhead that delivers water from a vertical position in the shower. It often targets specific areas of the body and offers a precise therapeutic and invigorating massage to the user.
  • Bonnet — A common term for an escutcheon, also the middle piece of a 3-part handle trim.
  • Bridge Faucets — Have separate holes for the hot and cold supply lines. Water travels to the spout via an exposed waterway sometimes referred to as a bridge.
  • Broach — The thickness of the grooves on the stem is called the broach.
  • Cartridge — Part of the valve that controls the ON/OFF function of the valve allowing the water to flow. Controls the main function of the valve.
  • Center Set — Sometimes called four inch center set. This is a one-piece faucet with hot and cold valves that are set on four inch center to center.
  • Center to Center (CTC) — This dimension typically refers to the measurement from the center of one point to the center of another point. It also can refer to the distance between the hot valve and the cold valve.
  • Ceramic Disc — Two pieces of ceramic within the valve that open and close to allow volume control.
  • Coated Finishes — Finish that is applied as liquids or powers to produce clear or colored coatings using a variety of techniques.
  • Cover Plate — Plate used to cover unused mounting holes on sinks. Also known as cover flanges or bells.
  • Diverter Valve — This valve is designed to direct, or redirect, mixed water to a specific location. It can be used in tubs, showers, sinks, and bidets.
  • Drain Assembly — The trim and rough mounted in the bottom of the basin to hold or release water. This assembly also includes the mechanical linkage that attaches to the lift knob on the spout.
  • Electroplated Finishes — A very durable finish where an electrical current is used to coat an object with a thin layer of metal material that results in a metallic look that is usually bright or brushed.
  • Escutcheon — A decorative piece of trim that fits over the valve body to conceal the valve body and the hole the valve goes through.
  • Flange — Non-treaded piece that goes over the pipe coming out of the wall and covers the hole in the wall.
  • Flex hoses — Parts that connect the outlet of the valves to the water outlet. They are also referred to as supply lines. The hoses are typically fabricated from polymer.
  • GPM — Gallons per minute.
  • Grid Drains — A type of drain that will not retain water in a sink.
  • Handle — The trim piece that turns the stem on the cartridge.
  • Integrated Volume Control — This is a volume control that is built into the valve. Not all valves have volume control.
  • IPS — Iron Pipe Size
  • Lacquer Coating — A clear or colored varnish that forms a hard, durable finish when cured.
  • Lift and Turn Drain — A drain that requires the user to manually lift and turn the stopper to open and close the drain.
  • Living Finishes — Also known as natural finishes, these finishes change in appearance over time. Colors vary among the individual components of a product and give the appearance of being old.
  • OD — Outside Diameter.
  • Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) — A finishing process whereby a vacuum chamber is used to deposit thin layers of film onto a surface. PVD finishes resist corrosion, tarnishing, and discoloration.
  • Plumbing Code Requirements — These codes are a series of guidelines that emphasize safety principles in the plumbing industry. They must be adhered to in order for the project to pass inspection.
  • Pop-up Assembly — Knob mounted on a vertical rod to operate the pop-up drain.
  • Pot Filler — A wall or deck mounted kitchen faucet that is primarily used to fill pots.
  • Powder Coating — Dry powder material is applied electrostatically and cured in an oven.
  • Prep/Bar Faucet — A kitchen faucet that has a lower profile than a standard kitchen faucet and is typically used in bar or laundry area applications.
  • PSI — Pounds per square inch.
  • Pull Down Faucet — A Kitchen faucet that features a pull down spray head that is used to expand the faucets reach.
  • "P" Trap — Curved section of pipe that connects the drain to the sewer line and creates a water barrier preventing sewer odors from escaping into the home.
  • Riser — A vertical tube that connects eight and four inch dual handled faucets to the water supply shutoff valve.
  • Roman Tub Faucet — Refers to a faucet mounted on the rim of a tub or the deck behind the tub. Also referred to as a deck mount faucet.
  • Rough In — Any part that is installed in the wall, floor, or ceiling or under the counter or deck.
  • Rough-In Dimensions — The distance from a finished wall or floor to the center of the waste or supply opening or mounting holes on a plumbing fixture.
  • Shower Arm — Pipe that comes out of the wall and the showerhead threads onto.
  • Shower Trim Plate — A trim plate is a decorative piece of brass that covers the rough in valve in tub/shower installations.
  • Showerhead — An output devise that delivers water to the shower. The valve controls the flow.
  • Single Hole Faucet — As the name implies, these faucets require a single hole for installation.
  • Splines — The length of most stems has grooves around the perimeter. The handle has matching grooves machined into it. The grooves are called splines.
  • Static Water Pressure — This is water pressure, measured in psi, when there isn't any water running.
  • Stop Valve/Volume Control — Controls used in a thermostatic valve system. One stop valve/volume control is required for each separate function in the shower.
  • Straight Valve — The shutoff valve between the water pipes and the faucet. The inlet connects to the water supply pipe in the floor and goes straight up to the faucet.
  • Suite — A collection of products that share a similar design theme.
  • Supply Kit — A kit of parts needed to connect a faucet or water closet to the water supply line coming out of the wall. It will include a shutoff valve, riser, and escutcheon.
  • Supply Tube — Term used to connect the shutoff valve to the bottom of a single hole faucet.
  • Tailpiece — Section of pipe that runs between the fixture outlet and the trap.
  • Tank Lever — A lever that is rotated to initiate the toilet flush cycle.
  • Thermostatic Valve — An anti-scald valve that reacts to changes in temperature caused by either pressure or inlet temperature changes. This valve requires a separate stop valve/volume control for each function in the shower. This is a mixing valve only, it can not control on or off to any function.
  • Three Handle Faucet — Three handle faucets use separate handles to control hot and cold water, but have an additional handle to divert the water from the bath spout to the showerhead.
  • Tub and Shower Trim — A set consisting of the shower trim plate, showerhead arm and flange, and tub spout.
  • Tub Spout — An output device through which water flows to fill a tub. The valve controls the flow.
  • Two Handle Faucet — Two handle faucets feature separate handles to control hot and cold water temperature.
  • Vacuum Breaker — This device prevents the backward flow of contaminated water into the clean water supply.
  • Valve — The actual device that mixes the hot and cold water and controls the flow of the water to its desired location. It controls the water temperature and/or volume.
  • Valve Stem Extension Kit — A set consisting of a spline extension, lock washer, and handle screw that extends the valve a specified distance from the wall.
  • Vessel Faucet — A lavatory faucet that is designed to be used with a freestanding basin emulating the appearance of a bowl sitting on a countertop.
  • Water Closet — An alternative name for a toilet.
  • Widespread Faucet — A three piece faucet with spout, hot, and cold valves and trim. This type of faucet can typically be installed on 8″, 10″, and 12″ centers.
  • Yoke — The preinstalled connection that is provided by the manufacturer to connect a separate hot and cold valve on a two-handle shower system. Standard center-to-center dimensions would include 8″ or 11″.
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