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Finish Care and Cleaning Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a fine decorative product from Brasstech. Our faucets and bath fittings are of the finest quality and will provide years of worry-free use with proper care and maintenance.

General Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions

  • Always wipe your fixture down with a soft cloth after each use to prevent mineral build-up and water-spotting. Should spotting occur, remove water spots with warm water and a soft, damp cloth
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners, ammoniated products, rubbing alcohol, detergents, astringents, bleach based cleaners, aggressive chemicals, abrasive cleaning pads, or harsh polishes on the fixture. Use of such products may void the warranty.
  • Do not allow soap scum or toothpaste to build up on the product. These will gradually wear away the protective coating and may diminish the beauty and durability of the finish.
  • Brass ProTech (part# 98000) is exclusively made to clean, polish, and protect Newport Brass and Brasstech products. Simply apply Brass ProTech with a soft cloth and let dry. Remove the polish by gently rubbing with a soft dry cloth to a high luster.

In addition to the guidelines noted above, please adhere to the following finish specific recommendations.

Powder Coat Finishes
(Oil Rubbed Bronze-10B, White-50, Matte White-52, Gloss Black-54, Matte Black-56, Biscuit-65)

Powder coated color finishes DO NOT HAVE A PROTECTIVE COATING so they are susceptible to surface damage. If not properly cared for these products can be scratched, scuffed, or chipped. If the exterior color coating is damaged or compromised the underlying base material may tarnish and/or corrode. Use of abrasive cleaners or pads can remove or dull the color coating and damage the finish. Periodically clean the fixture with mild liquid soap or by applying Brass ProTech (98000) with a soft clean cloth to gently remove surface spots.

PVD Finishes
(Forever Brass-01, Satin Brass-04, Satin Bronze-10, Satin Nickel-15S, Stainless Steel-20, Polished Gold-24, French Gold-24A)

The PVD, or Physical Vapor Deposition, process creates the most durable finish available on the market today. Although these finishes are stain and tarnish resistant never use bleach or any abrasive cleaner, cloth, or pad to clean the product. More specifically, avoid any and all cleaning products designed to remove tarnish or rust or any cleaning agent that contains hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, and/or phosphoric acid or caustic agents. Periodic cleaning can be done by applying Brass ProTech (98000) with a soft clean cloth to gently remove surface spots.

Clear Protective Coated Finishes
(Weathered Brass-03W, Aged Brass-034, Antique Brass-06, English Bronze-07, Polished Copper-08, Antique Copper-08A, Hand Relieved Oil Rubbed Bronze-ORB, Venetian Bronze-VB, Gun Metal-14, Antique Nickel-15A)

Even though these finishes are equipped with a clear protective coating they are susceptible to damage. If the topical clear coat is scratched or chipped the base material will be exposed and may oxidize. Use of abrasive cleaners or pads may remove the protective coating and damage the finish. Periodic cleaning can be done by applying Brass ProTech (98000) with a soft clean cloth to gently remove surface spots.

Natural Nickel Finishes
(Polished Nickel-15)

Brasstech’s polished nickel finish is specifically designed to highlight the natural beauty of the base material. As such, it has NO PROTECTIVE COATING to protect the nickel plating. The result is a beautiful, deep finish that will maintain its brilliance with regular maintenance. This finish may oxidize over time. Should oxidation occur, periodic cleaning can be done by applying Brass Protech (98000) with a soft clean cloth to gently remove surface spots.

24K Gold Finishes
(Satin Gold-24S)

This finish is created by plating real precious metal gold over the brass base material. The resulting finish is soft and has NO PROTECTIVE COATING to protect the delicate surface. As a result, it can be easily scratched or scuffed if it is not cared for properly. Treat gold plated faucets and fittings like you would fine jewelry and avoid any type of astringent or abrasive cleaner as well as abrasive pads, cloths, or sponges. Clean with great care as some or all of the gold plating can be removed if any type of polish is used. Periodic cleaning should be done with mild liquid soap only. Wipe gently with a soft, clean cloth.

Living Finishes
(Polished Brass, Uncoated-03N, Weathered Copper-08W)

Living Finishes have NO PROTECTIVE COATING so they are very delicate and can easily be scratched or scuffed if not cared for properly. The unique characteristic of these finishes is that they wear and age over time. Essentially, the finish replicates what nature would do to the surface material naturally when exposed to the elements. These products will generally tend to darken slightly on the areas that are infrequently touched and lighten or highlight on the areas that are contacted on a consistent basis. Soaps, acidic fluids, and astringent cleaners can damage the finish. Avoid using abrasive pads, sponges, or cloths to clean the product. Do not allow water spots to dry on the fixture. Brasstech initially applies a wax coating to the finish surface to help protect and prevent the finish from oxidizing prior to installation. Periodic cleaning can be done by using a micro-crystalline wax (Renaissance Wax is recommended). Apply the wax with a soft tissue or cloth and gently buff the wax with a soft clean cloth to remove surface spots and add a protective coating to the finish.

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